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Brittany Compton, Board President

Lisa Smith, Board Vice President

Tricia Carathers               Melinda Mosley               Butch Lynd

Board Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 5:30pm. Meeting dates and times are subject to change pending board member availability. 


Agendas & Minutes will be updated & replaced monthly



June 18, 2024

Notice Posted: June 14, 2024

A public meeting to be held at the Springhill Fire District 11 station, 110 S. Main St, Springhill, La as follows:


Date:  June 18, 2024 at 5:30pm

Call to order

Roll Call

1.   Approve minutes from last meeting, dated May 7, 2024 



1.  Approve Payables for June

2. Station 1 Discussion

3.  Audit Update


4. Chief Comments

5. Tammy Comments

6.  Fire Fighter Comments

7. Public Comments

8. Set next meeting date



Brittany Compton, Board President




May 9, 2024


Springhill Fire District 11

Minutes from May 9, 2024


Call to order by Tricia Carathers

Roll Call –Tricia Carathers, Tammy Carathers, Michael Morse, Butch Lynd, Melinda Mosley

Absent: Brittany Compton, Lisa Smith

  1. Approve minutes from last meeting, dated March 12, 2024  - Motion made by Butch Lynd to approve the minutes. 2nd by Melinda Mosley. Approved.


New Business

  1. Approve Payables for April & May - Motion made by Butch Lynd to approve paying the bills.  2nd by Melinda Mosley.  Approved.

  2. Remodel Update  -   Chief Morse gave an update on the progress of the office remodel. It has been gutted and drywall has been installed. Painting will begin next week. 

  3. Station 2 Contract Discussion -  The residence contract for fire fighters living in the substations has been updated with changes and additions that were discussed at the last meeting. Katie Rankin has made the required repairs to the living quarters. It was agreed that rent will be waived for 6 months, the board will inspect that the repairs were completed and rent will be assessed from that point on. A motion was made by Butch Lynd to approve the contract. 2nd by Melinda Mosley. All approved.  

  4. Dorcheat Water System Billing - Chief Morse discussed that Dorcheat Water System is now being handled by Shongaloo Water. They will not be collecting the fire protection fee on their water bill, therefore we must bill the residents ourselves. Tammy stated that she created invoices and will be sending them out this week. Some concerns were discussed as well. 

  5. Audit Update - Tammy read an email from Vicki Case from Cook &             Morehart on when and how they will proceed. 

  6. Chief Comments – Chief Morse stated that we just ran our 407th               call of the year earlier today.

7.  Tammy Comments - Tammy advised the board of a security issue            earlier in April and steps that we were advised to take.

8.  Fire fighter Comments –  None

9. Public comments - None

10. Set next meeting date – Tuesday, June 18, 2024. 

Motion to adjourn by Butch Lynd, 2nd by Melinda Mosley


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