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New fire truck 1978.jpg

Historical Photos

The Original Building

This photo is the ORIGINAL Springhill Volunteer Fire Station, dated 1948. The location is where the police department is now, on Clinic Street.

Original fire house 1948.jpg

Ice House

Another view of the original Ice House

original building.jpg

The Ice House

In 1972, work began on converting the original ice house into their meeting room. Up to this point, I don't believe this part wasn't used. It was extremely dark and no electricity. You can see there was no glass door or large glass window. You can also see the well house better.


The Ice House

In this photo, you can see the smoke stack at the old saw mill which is where the RV park and walking trail is now. In the left side of the photo, you can barely see the metal building protecting the original spring-fed well. The brick building still stands today. It was part of the original ice house. It is used as a classroom/ meeting room now. This structure is long and goes all the way back to Giles St behind the station. It is used as equipment storage now.  It still has the rails and pullys for moving massive blocks of ice. The white structure at the right of the picture was the "business" side of the ice house. This is where the truck bays are now. 

ice house 2.jpg

Station Dedication

The current station was built in 1947 and very few minor changes have been made to it.   What you see today would be almost what it looked like back then. Basically, the only changes are paint color & a wall added to divide a room.

Dedication plaque.jpg

The Ice House

Yes, the photo is dark. It was taken in broad daylight and that lighting was as good as it got. This was what you saw until lighting was added and the glass door & window were installed.

Inside 2.jpg

1966 & 1967

There aren't many photos from 1966 & 1967, mainly parades. 

1968, 1969, 1970

1971, 1972, 1973, 1974

1975, 1976, 1977

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Fire School 1977

Training to be the Best


Mrs. Hood's class.jpg
Mrs. Hood's Class 1977
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